Garage Remotes Programming

Not only do we repair, install or replace locks but we can also supply or program Gate & Garage remotes. We offer a wide variety of genuine brands such as Merlin, B&D, Chamberlain, Ditec, Dominator, FAAC, Gliderol, Magic Button and many more. Some genuine remotes can sometimes be out of budget so in most circumstances we can also supply you with an aftermarket option.

In addition to this, we offer a wide variety of remotes where all remotes that are sold by us will come with a set of instructions to help our customers attempt programming themselves. In the case where our customers cannot program the remote themselves, or run into problems at home; we are a phone call away for assistance.

Here for your reference we have some of the most common remotes that are often used by many Garage or Gate motors. 

Garage Remotes Programming
Garage Remotes Programming

Key Touch Locksmiths Garage Door Remote Programming

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